Well & Good offers a calm, tranquil space to receive Foot Reflexology, Auricular Therapy (Ear Reflexology), Combination Sessions (including Hand Reflexology) and the highly acclaimed Reflexology Lymph Drainage. You can read more about these offerings below and on the Reflexology page.


Beautiful gift vouchers are also available on request.


Foot Reflexology

Begins with a lovely foot soak, filled with detoxifying epsom salts and essential oils. Then on to the massage table for some calming breathwork to commence your treatment, including a short foot massage and foot reflexology. Some gorgeous, locally made, cinnamon chai herbal tea and dark Lindt chocolate is offered to end the session.

I highly recommend a course of six or more treatments to ensure you benefit from the cumulative effects of Reflexology.

  • Initial (1hr 30mins, includes wellbeing consultation): $110

  • Follow-up (1hr): $85

  • Follow-up Long (1hr30mins): $120

  • Follow-up Concession (x5 1hr treatments): $400 ($25 discount)


Auricular Therapy

A full Ear Reflexology (Auricular Therapy) session begins with an epsom salts foot soak before you recline on the treatment bed for an ear analysis. We then perform some breathwork to encourage your body into 'Rest & Digest' mode (activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System). Both ears are then worked simultaneously, using gentle pressure in a relaxing massage-like sequence that targets the 90 points on the ear. Ear Seeds may be affixed to specific points to assist with symptoms. Detoxifying tea and dark Lindt chocolate to finish. 

  • Initial (45mins, includes wellbeing consultation): $65

  • Follow-up (30mins): $45

Combination Sessions

Commences with a consult (Initial appointment) and a detoxifying foot bath filled with essential oils and epsom salts. You'll then enjoy a 75 minute combination session of two therapies of your choice, from Auricular Therapy (ear reflexology), Foot or Hand reflexology. Detoxifying tea and dark Lindt chocolate to finish. 

  • Initial (1hr45mins, includes wellbeing consultation): $140

  • Follow-up (75mins): $95

  • Follow-up (90mins): $110


Currently seeing females only for this option.


Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)

Researched & developed in the UK by Sally Kay whilst working in Cancer Care, RLD is  evidence-based, with many examples of success and improving quality of life.


This award-winning technique begins with a detoxifying epsom salts and essential oils foot bath whilst we go through a detailed wellbeing consultation to establish medical history and contraindications. Detoxifying tea and dark Lindt chocolate to finish. 


The total length of your appointment is up to 1hr 30mins (min 1 hour of working on the feet).

  • Initial (1hr 30mins, includes 30 min consultation): $110

  • Follow-up (1hr): $85


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Both sessions have achieved a heightened state of relaxation for me and I am already booked to return. Rachel has an incredibly gentle, sensitive nature and her calm personality is perfect for the career she has chosen.


The benefits of foot reflexology have given me an increased feeling of overall physical wellness and mental calmness. I believe this is directly related to Rachel’s abilities as a practitioner. I have no hesitation in recommending her and look forward to continuing my treatment to enhance my wellbeing."

Ronda Hewlett